Testimonials Posted by volstar0000 December 13th, 2019


I own Anita’s Mexican Restaurant and since I began advertising with VOLSTAR Digital Displays I’ve seen a noticeable increase in my sales. Even though we’re an established business with 31 years in the same location I realized the need to remain relevant to the public. Our longevity may have actually worked against. The first week we began advertising with VOLSTAR I was amazed at the number of people who kept telling me, I forgot about you guys! or We didn’t know you were still here! VOLSTAR helped put us back into the public’s mind. The sight of a giant TV rolling down the road will definitely get your attention! I saw a 12% increase in June, 15% in July, and August brought me a whopping 19% increase over last year’s numbers!! I’ve taken into consideration the population increase in Simpsonville over the past year, but we’ve been doing the same thing for 31 years and never seen a spike like this. The only thing we did different this summer is hire VOLSTARs LED Truck and it made all the difference!!

Thanks guys, we rocked it this summer!!

Anita’s Mexican Restaurant, Inc.

“VOLSTAR Media was a great working partner for my campaign advertising. The digital sign truck was incredibly visible and the strategies used to get my ads in front of more eyeballs were really effective. I really believe the impactful nature of this advertising put me over the top in this election.”

Paul Shewmaker, Simpsonville South Carolina Mayor-Elect
POLITICAL ADVERTISING – Racks up another BIG WIN for local Mayor and VOLSTAR Media.

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VOLSTAR MEDIA is a locally owned, mobile digital billboard service operating here in the southeastern United States. Getting an advertising campaign going with us couldn’t be easier. Get on board and Get “In Rotation” today by getting your messaging to your audience on one of our amazing mobile digital billboards on wheels.